Click to enlargeSUPPLYTHENAVY.COM is the online military division of a classic manufacturer and distributor of cleaning and facility maintenance supplies called Birsch Industries, Inc.

Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Birsch Industries has been serving the Navy and Coast Guard since 1964. We do a little bit of everything. From manufacturing scullery and laundry chemicals, repairing machinery, and supplying basic janitorial products to supplying chemical mixing stations, labels and lettering for shipboard use, and HAZMAT cleanup materials, Birsch Industries and SUPPLYTHENAVY.COM has what the military needs.

And if we don't have it, we'll find it.

We have decades of experience supplying the Navy, so we know how to use the Beach Det, we know about IMPACT Cards, and we know about PO Numbers, so doing business with us won't be like teaching a class. We have even FedExed luminous lettering to Bahrain and high speed buffers to Japan. Chances are, we've done it before, and we can do it for you.

To place an order on the phone, request a catalog or line card, or have your questions answered, please e-mail, call 1-888-622-0356, or write:

476 Viking Dr Suite 102
Virginia Beach, VA 23542
(888) 622-0356 (TOLL FREE PHONE)
(757) 622-0355 (PHONE)
(757) 625-7552 (FAX)

Shipping Information:

There are several different ways we can get your product to you.

1. Delivery on one of our trucks. We have an office in Virginia Beach, VA. If you are located in the area, we will probably drop your order off.
2. Delivery to the Beach Det in Norfolk. Your product will get to you through normal Navy supply channels.
3. UPS or FedEx. A great many of our items, especially lettering, can be shipped by mail. The cost of normal ground shipping is included in the prices on the site. Overnight or rush shipping will cost extra. We have a great deal of experience shipping to the Navy.
4. Common carrier. If you place an order for several pallets of material, it will probably be cheaper to ship it to you by common carrier. Depending on the distance and size of the order, you may be charged a portion of the shipping cost.